The World According to Regis


  Its Regis here. Mum maybe typing, but Im dictating.  Mum wants me to do a blog. She says Im interesting - well no S&^* sherlock! Im fabulous all in a very french way.  

So you should know I was born on the 20th of February 2007.  Ive been with mum and dad since I was 8 weeks old. I had a big sister Jossy. She looked after me when mum was away at work. Then mum and dad brought Nina home. I thought she was a fun toy for a while but then she started taking my mums attention so I told mum to send her back to where she came from. When mum said no I tried to send her to the next-door neighbors.  They had two big dogs there that would have looked after her like Jossy looked after me.  I don't know why mum got so grumpy at me when I showed Nina the hole in the fence - what?? She wanted to go!  Anyway so Nina stayed after that. But she wasn't allowed to hog mums time or lap.

Then Max came home! I couldn't help it he was a boy so I had to show him who was boss. Dad blames me for causing problems between max and me. Ive been framed it was the bulldog all the way. He barks with an english accent and everyone knows the french and english don't get along! 

Since Max arrived we have had more dogs come to live with us. But mum is still all mine.  Dad may think he's the boss but he's not, I am. He can stay here though and feed me when mum isn't here, for now. Well thats all you need to know for now. Ill be back.

Paw wave

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