As we said in the main puppy page we don't hold waiting lists or take deposits. We hold a list of interested parties only. We dont expect you to wait for us and we dont take money from you until we have the right pup for your family.

If you want to be considered for a pup from us you will need to tell us what sort of pup you are looking for and of your circumstances. The more information the better as we receive requests for information about our puppies a lot. It is hard to get enthusiastic about emails that just ask if we have puppies or how much they are. In the end we want the best homes for our fur babies and if you want us to take you seriously then put your best foot forward when you introduce yourself.

To help below are some of the questions you might like to answer when contacting us.

a. Why would you like to own a French Bulldog?
b. Do you and/or your spouse/partner work?
Describe below how often someone is home
c. Are there children in your household?   
If so, what are their ages?   
d. Do you presently own dogs?       
If not, have you owned dogs in the past?
What breeds and genders (past or present)?       
e. Do you live in a house or apartment/townhouse?
Please describe below: 
f. Do you have a fenced yard?               Pool?   
Please describe your yard, or how you would exercise your dog:
 g. Do you plan to show your dog or attend obedience?
 h. Do you plan on breeding your French Bulldog?    Please note that we don't sell pups to homes wanting them for breeding purposes only.  
 i. Would you be willing to take out Veterinary medical insurance for your dog?
 j. Please tell me what you are looking for in a Frenchie (age, sex, colour, etc.).
NB. The more flexible you can be in relation to sex and colour the sooner it may be possible to accommodate. So if it is only a preference and not a requirement, please identify such.
k. Please supply your personal details. Country, Town and contact phone number.

There are no right or wrong answers. So the more information you provide the better.

Loretta :)