French Bulldogs are not cheap.  You will be paying $4500 for a pet pup from us plus any transport costs. You may ask why so much? We can't speak for other breeders but we take the perspective that you get what you pay for and there is a lot that goes into breeding a good frenchie.  

At Titan:

a. Our pups have been bred based on careful research.  We don't just put two dogs together because they are in our backyard and convenient. We import dogs and lines and we choose the right combinations based on health, temperament and the breed standard. We work with likeminded breeders here and overseas.

b. We import the best bloodlines. We bring dogs in from overseas and we spend a lot of money to do it.

c. We health test our dogs before we include them in our breeding program. This includes spine and hip grading and DNA testing undertaken overseas. 

d.  We test the conformation of our dogs to the breed standard by showing and championing them. We travel around the country to do this.

e. Before, during and after our girls are pregnant they are diligently cared for.  While it is always the preference to allow them to self whelp that is not always possible and so to protect both the mother and her pups we will intervene if we have to using caesarian section. Puppies are hand reared until mum comes into milk and round the clock care is provided by us to ensure that the puppies have their best chance of survival and thrive.

e. Puppy owners receive puppies who are loved, socialized, wormed and vaccinated. All puppies are health checked by a veterinarian before they leave us.  Those health records are provided to the new owners when they receive a pup from us. We also provide an information booklet about frenchies, base health insurance and a puppy care pack. 

f. We raise our puppies and dogs on the best food and in a home environment we have brought and developed to provide them with the best socialization, love and care. Our dogs have 4.5 acres to run and play and enjoy, they have two fireplaces to hog and more then enough beds to play musical beds every night.

g. If our dogs need any medical care we take them to the vets and if they need we take them to specialists.  Their welfare is paramount. 

h. We don't breed often.  Our girls are only bred a maximum of 3 times and only if they are healthy and have come through their previous whelping without problem.  Frenchies don't have big litters generally. 

i. We don't do it for the money! Once you pay for the costs of having a frenchie litter, the stud fee and keep one or two pups to run on you are usually in deficit. Any money remaining is reinvested often in the continued improvement of our property for the frenchies and for the costs of future litters.

j. We do this because we love the frenchie breed and in this time of puppy farmers and trade me sellers and scams we hold to the traditional way of breeding quality french bulldogs who will be loved by their owners. Its our intent to do so for many years to come.

When you have a Titan Frenchie come and join your family, you become part of ours.  We are available to answer questions should we ever be needed.