My name is Loretta Lovell and my husband Scott and I breed and show and love french bulldogs, run a law firm and a family. We have one son and life is full and we wouldn't have it any other way :)

We live on a 5 acre block in Wellington. Our home and land is set up to give our dogs the fullest opportunity to explore and to enjoy life here. We have generations of dogs with us from the oldy Regis, down. 

From time to time we breed our frenchies and have puppies. We take our time to determine which pup or pups will stay with us. We breed for our home, show and breeding purposes first and foremost. Our dogs are health tested and we do not breed fad coloured dogs.

We know that some breeders confirm early in the piece how many or which pups are going to be available. Maybe we just don't have as keen an eye (or maybe my eye is busy dodging little mama trying to get puppy cuddles) but we choose to wait until they are up on their feet and we can see more clearly their conformation and personalities coming out. We do take our time as these are big decisions for us and we have been known to keep a couple to run on if there are two with equally good attributes.

This approach clearly doesn't help those that are waiting and hoping for a pup. Please understand frenchies don't generally have big litters so patience is essential. We have been approached by some wonderful potential parents and we do our best to meet their needs but the emphasis is always on the right home for the right pup, not waiting lists. Some parents of titan kids havealso  come back to us specifically for a brother or sister for their fur baby. We love that and we love watching tehm grow up.

I always ask prospective Titan puppy owners to be patient which I know having had to be patient for our Nina, is never easy. But Id like to think like our getting Nina, for those that do have one of our pups it is worth it and we do our best to always be there and to answer any questions and provide support throughout the pups life. Puppy owners should they choose therefore become part of the wider Titan family.