A while back I saw a post on Facebook condemning breeders for rehoming basically saying they were treating their dogs as commodities, once their usefulness was done, get rid of them. Having recently had a lovely couple arrive to see puppies return and ask for one of our older dogs this and other such posts came again to mind. I thought Id just comment on our approach.

First and foremost our dogs have a bed for life with us. In fact if a dog of ours out in the world ever needs a bed they can come back to Chateau De Lovell and we will have them. We take a birth to death approach. For that reason we don't generally advertise rehoming of any of our dogs specifically. If the right family/person/circumstances come along and we are asked then Scott and I discuss it and whether we are willing to let the dog go.

Our primary focus is never their usefulness it is always our desire if they are not to stay with us for our dogs to have the best homes, couches and life. If the right happenstance occurs then great, if not, then they stay on their beds and are loved here. There is no pressure for us or them or on anyone who seeks a dog from us. Its just got to be the right fit and right first and foremost for our dogs.

We are receiving more requests now for older dogs. Ive often thought it strange that we didn't. Older dogs are known quantities. If they have had problems then given our approach to caring for our dogs we have likely diagnosed it and found a solution to make sure they have the best lives they can. Their personalities are set and its less guess work involved in the circumstances that will suit them. Puppies have their family history but can still be unknown quantities and of course they are babies so you may get the chewing etc that you may not get from older dogs.

We welcome requests for information about our dogs. We don't rehome often and there are contracts that come with them which provide in particular for care and should an owner wish to rehome them. We never want a dog of ours in unsure circumstances (or for sale on Trademe!) but we understand things change. 

Any queries at all, ask.