We have litters from time to time. We breed primarily to develop our kennel and to show.   You cant keep all of them of course so we do have pups out there in pet homes. We dont expect deposits to be on a list.   We like to get to know potential owners and find out what they are looking for. We will take your details and if we have the right pup that is the right fit then we get in contact. It can take time so patience is a must.  All our dogs are spine, hip and dna tested prior to breeding. We breed for health and temperment and we care about our dogs from birth to old age wherever they are.

We welcome enquiries but please be aware that because we love and care for our babies:

a. We will require contracts for the sale of all of our puppies.  They will include terms relating to our expectations of welfare and rehoming should that be necessary.  We will enforce those contracts.

b. we will require that any pet pups be neutered or spayed and will place them on the limited register of the NZKC

c. we will not sell puppies to brokers or pet shops 

d. we will not sell a puppy for breeding purposes only

We have been thrilled with the families that have received one of our babies and we are in ready contact to answer questions and help out.  Once you have a frenchie there is no going back so we look forward to placing our babies in loving homes in years to come.
If you would like to be considered for one of these pups please contact us and if you are on facebook friend me on "Loretta Lovell (Titan Frenchies)" and watch the photos of our babies growing. We have provided a questionnaire page to help you consider the information you might like to provide us when introducing yourself.


Scott and Loretta