Health testing has been an essential feature of our breeding from the start. We work with like minded breeders and our dogs come from generations of health tested dogs.

What does it mean to health test? 

Its not just a vet check when our pups are young thats for sure!

Our dogs have been DNA, Spine and Hip Graded for generations. Dogs we import or use as sires are health tested as well. 

Since its establishment our french bulldogs that we intend to breed are also part of the new Bulldog Club French Bulldog Health Scheme.  The Scheme is provided by all 5 British and French Bulldog Clubs nationwide and has three levels bronze, silver and gold.

a. This means that for bronze level our dogs must have completed a full examination at 10 months old. Examination includes assessment of heart, patella, spine, hip, eyes, hearing, skin, nostrils and breathing.

b. The silver and gold levels are rolling out now and require the spine and hip grading and DNA testing we complete already. As the BOAS Exercise Tolerance Testing is rolled out we will complete that testing too.

Health testing is important because when done effectively it will allow a breeder to take a considered approach to their breeding with testing information.  Understanding what is happening with our dogs inside and out before making decisions gives the best chance of ensuring that we give our pups the best start in life. Like humans there are no absolutes but breeding away from genetic disorders and structural concerns is the best thing to do and far better then breeding blind. 

Conbine this with a healthy happy and well socialised environment and a frenchie pup is the best family pet.