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Loretta here. I think Regis knows we have puppies. When we have puppies Regis turns into a deranged toddler. Think terrible 2s with four short legs.  The first time we had puppies (His babies!) he dug a hole under the fence and ran away 3 times. He scared us half to death. Other symptoms when we have had babies have included peeing on things he shouldn't, not sleeping, licking paws or licking the duvet cover with his hair on - both to induce vomiting, eating things, not eating..yeah we have seen it all. So we generally try to keep him out of the loop.  But how do you hide the fact Im up at all hours and theres a room he's not allowed in? He thinks he's entitled to go into every room, it is his house after all.  

Tonight I went for my nap pre graveyard shift with the babies. Regis of course came to bed with me. I was just about asleep and then I heard one of two sounds that you never want to hear; the thuds of Regis jumping off the bed. I then heard the second sound that guarantees a groan of misery from me; Regis' stomach making grinding noises.  Now you could ignore it of course. Just go to sleep he will settle down, right? Experience suggests that if ignored he will then vomit noisily in various parts of the room and almost certainly in that one spot where you will put your foot when you climb out of bed to deal with him, all bleary eyed and in the dark. 

Sooo of course I got up and let him out to go toilet.  Thankfully he didn't run into a dark corner and start chewing on grass till I had to go out find him and drag him inside. He saves that special moment for 2-3am when its freezing cold or hailing or blowing like forty b^&**s. He came back to bed, we slept and now Im up on the graveyard and have heard the scratching at the door, dad swearing, dad get up and get a drink and call Regis a bad word..yeah I think Regis knows we have puppies.

Sigh going to be a long few weeks and Scott will be double checking the fence line tomorrow! Nite all


PS just a disclaimer our other frenchies are nothing like this. Its just Regis, my baby and yes Ive seen enough of those dog whisperer/fixer up shows to know Im no doubt the cause of his need for doggie therapy. Scott has mentioned this a few times..particularly at 3am.

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