Im getting kicked into the bedroom a lot at the moment. There were humans here and I didnt know them and I was protecting mum.  So I let them know they weren't allowed here and that I could see them.  I ran from door to door, window to window and dad growled me telling me to stop barking my fool head off.. I may pee in his slipper for that!

Anyway its tiring being the man of the house. So I decided to lie down for a bit. But I couldn't get into a bed without that Nina growling at me AND she's got shoes in all the beds! I don't like shoes, toys yes, but not shoes. I had to sit in one of the crates to get away from her. She's crazy. Anyway mum told me I had to get out of the crate. Where was I supposed to go then?? Mum sorted it though she took the shoes out of one of the beds and moved it closer to her. Now Im happy and can sleep because the crazy woman won't argue with mum. 

Oh and Ive heard mum and dad talking about puppies and Im not allowed in the end room now..dont like puppies, smelly things and they take mums attention away from me. 

Its hard being me


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