Home alone


Mum has left me. She tried to hide her suitcase from me, but I saw it. It was the big suitcase too. I could have fitted in it. Dad was saying I should go with mum. Mum didn't  take me…how rude! She could have paid for my own seat on the plane and who wouldn't want me at a hotel? I should have pee'd on her suitcase before she left!  

I don't know how long she's gone for? I don't know if she's coming back at all! I think she will come home though because she loves me..oh and dad can't look after me forever. He's doing an ok job of things I guess, Ill give him that. BUT I want my mummy.

When mum comes back you know I will make her feel guilty for leaving me.  I will ignore her! I will not let her pat me or cuddle me.  I will sleep on the bed with her.   Its my bed after all . But she won't get to cuddle me or use my warm to warm her up! I won't let her cuddle Dad either. I will sleep between them, sideways with my bum pointing towards her so she has to sleep on the edge of the bed. Yeah thats how Ill roll when she comes home!

Oh and I know mum said Id be a sad boy and sick while she was away, making dad get up all night to look after me. I showed her. I was good. So there!

Bye for now

Regis the king of all 

PS Mummy come home please…I miss you.

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