finding a new friend

Regis here

So Nina isnt here anymore she went over the rainbow bridge with Maxy. Im on my own and mum and dad have been trying to work out who should come and me my playmate. I dont think I need anyone but mum says its not good for me to be on my own. 

Problem is the girls are all so mean. I try to play and say hello and they go postal on me..Vesper is really mean she goes straight to nuclear on me. 

Me going to go on the doggie tinder and put up an ad. Me thinks my profile should say:

" smart handsome older gentleman looking for companionship. Can offer a great home with well trained servants, romantic walks in the fields and dinners made by a personal chef.

Must be willing to let me sniff your butt and you cant get to close to my mum..shes mine and off limits oh and Im the only one allowed to sleep on mummys too but he only there cause I let him"

What you think?

Regis the Playboy Dude

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