Divas in the house


Im not naming names but a certain two girls are real divas in the worst kinda way in this house!

One has a shoe fetish that would out do any movie star. She's a hoarder and a kleptomaniac too. She puts them in her bed and she sleeps on them like Smaug sleeping on his gold, and she's as grumpy as that dragon too! Go near her precioussss and she snaps and tries to take your head off. When she's not looking I go over and tinkle on her bed just to make sure she knows Im still boss. No body sees me Im the stealth tinkler.

Then there is her daughter. She hurt her eye and went away to see the vet and came backs with a cone of shame. She broke the first cone the first night home and had to get a second cone wrapped around the first. She looked so funny like a great big lamp with a back to front lampshade. She hates that lampshade but she knows how to milk it too. She's had it on for ages and in the whole time she's refused to eat unless hand fed by dad - she won't even let mum feed her which is just crazy! I don't mind though as mum is mine not hers. And when she goes outside she won't climb back up the stairs - there are only two steps its not like she's climbing a mountain. She waits at the bottom and cries and looks pitiful until mum and dad come and lift her up on to the deck so she can go inside..big baby. Oh and she doesn't like sleeping in her crate. She howls and howls she sounds like a baby wolf. Mum used to think that was cute…its not cute at 3am. At 3 am even mum is saying bad words. 

You might be wondering why I care what the divas are doing? Mum and Dad have been busy with the puppies - yes I know they are there I even saw one mum was carrying the other day. So I have had to step in and be the man of the house wrangling those stupid girls and stopping them from causing mayhem. Its hard being me. I should get danger money or at least double treats!

Mum said she's getting me a new bed since Ive been so good. Don't think I want a new bed I have the big bed. Doesn't matter the divas will no doubt steal my bed and Ill wait till they aren't looking and tinkle on it..yeah its how I roll.

Bye for now


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