Im home

Hi there

I got home last night to a lot of noise and enthusiastic licks from the dogs. Regis was not able to contain himself he jumped up and down and got so excited he tried to hump NIna who promptly tried to chew his face off. Since then he's made sure to have me in ear if not eye shot of him. While I was down in the garden he sat on the deck and surveyed my activities. While I was in the kitchen he sat in the lounge so he could see me over the great wall. I drew the line at the bathroom stops. He spent his time scratching at the door instead! 

I know he said he would be aloof and make me pay for leaving him..yeah like me with chocolate he's got no will power. 

Tomorrow the care package should arrive. Inside will be three little toys that will turn his world upside down.  He will no doubt tell you all about it when he finds out..shush Im not telling him till they get here. 

Talk again soon


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