You can't see me


I am the silent assassin. I am he who cannot be seen. I am a god among dogs and I am the king of this castle!

I was in the front yard today. I was doing my standard check of all perimeters and I was barking at the humans, dogs, birdies, big doggies (mum calls them cows) and bugs on the other side of the fence.   Im like that guy in the movie with the stick (Id have chewed that stick) telling that balrock "You shall not pass!" (think Galdalf with a french accent but still booming voice).

Dads yelling from his office for me to shut up (how rude). I don't listen, he can't see me, Im invisible Im the silent assassin. Then I hear mum barking at me. She barks but I can't see her so clearly she can't see me..I stay where I am. She barks again louder ..I continue my perimeter check. I must keep mummy safe..Its my job as king. 

Then I hear mum walking around the corner yelling for me. Do I run and hide like a ninja - no thats stinky nina. I stand my ground and bark - Let it go let it go I am one with the wind and sky.." Mum can't see me..

Then I see mum and decide she needs me and I shouldn't deny her of my company. Coming mum Im ready for my treats now. 


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