It aint all Regis


Its Nina here. Regis may think he's the boss, he's not. Dad can tell me what to do, Mum sometimes, but otherwise Im the boss. All the beds are mine, all the toys are mine. All my parents shoes?..if I get them in my beds..DEFINITELY mine!  Dad comes and gets the shoes out every now and then. But when he's not looking I put them back. Dad has to make me let Regis have one of the bed..Regis is such a girls blouse..snicker.

When we go outside I go out first..when we come back in..yes thats right; Im first. I am the queen of all my parents own.  It is my job to protect them and what we own. I bark at the mail man and anyone else that comes to the door so they know not to come in. I am a hunter! I have caught and killed two birdies so far (ok I had help from vesper with the first one. But I completed the kill. ) One day that cat will be mine too. There are cows next door ..Im thinking about them. There are other birdies and animals on the other side of our house..I can take them if they come onto our land!

Mum and Dad don't appreciate just how important my job of protecting them is. Well they can't depend on that Regis scary sound and he will run and hide behind mum. 

By for now..

NIna aka Ninja aka the Queen to Regis Joker!

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