Titan French Bulldogs is a responsible breeder of French Bulldogs based in New Zealand. Established in 2008, we produce and show quality French Bulldogs, with a focus on temperament, conformation, and structural soundness.   Our dogs are raised on a lifestyle block purpose built for them.  They are loved and socialized and are members of our family first and foremost.

We are members of The French Bulldog Society, Southern Bulldog Club and The French Bulldog Club of NSW.  Our dogs are being shown in the North and South Island and there are many happy owners who now have a Titan Frenchie to call their own.  As members of the Titan family, owners are always able to ask us questions and we strive to provide as much information as possible for them. We support our owners and our pups always and often have our kids back to stay when mum and dad travel away abroad. Thats the way we are they are always part of our family.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our frenchies. You are also welcome to friend us on Facebook (Loretta Lovell (Titan Frenchies)) to see lots of pics of our dogs and where we raise them. Thanks for visiting!

Im home  

Hi there

I got home last night to a lot of noise and enthusiastic licks from the dogs. Regis was not able to contain himself he jumped up and down and got so excited he tried to hump NIna who promptly tried to chew his face off. Since then he's made sure to have me in ear if not eye shot of him. While I was down in the garden he sat on the deck and surveyed my activities. While I was in the kitchen he sat in the lounge so he could see me over the great wall. I drew the line at the bathroom stops. He spent his time scratching at the door instead! 

I know he said he would be aloof and make me pay for leaving him..yeah like me with chocolate he's got no will power. 

Tomorrow the care package should arrive. Inside will be three little toys that will turn his world upside down.  He will no doubt tell you all about it when he finds out..shush Im not telling him till they get here. 

Talk again soon


Home alone 


Mum has left me. She tried to hide her suitcase from me, but I saw it. It was the big suitcase too. I could have fitted in it. Dad was saying I should go with mum. Mum didn't  take me…how rude! She could have paid for my own seat on the plane and who wouldn't want me at a hotel? I should have pee'd on her suitcase before she left!  

I don't know how long she's gone for? I don't know if she's coming back at all! I think she will come home though because she loves me..oh and dad can't look after me forever. He's doing an ok job of things I guess, Ill give him that. BUT I want my mummy.

When mum comes back you know I will make her feel guilty for leaving me.  I will ignore her! I will not let her pat me or cuddle me.  I will sleep on the bed with her.   Its my bed after all . But she won't get to cuddle me or use my warm to warm her up! I won't let her cuddle Dad either. I will sleep between them, sideways with my bum pointing towards her so she has to sleep on the edge of the bed. Yeah thats how Ill roll when she comes home!

Oh and I know mum said Id be a sad boy and sick while she was away, making dad get up all night to look after me. I showed her. I was good. So there!

Bye for now

Regis the king of all 

PS Mummy come home please…I miss you.

The World According to Regis 


  Its Regis here. Mum maybe typing, but Im dictating.  Mum wants me to do a blog. She says Im interesting - well no S&^* sherlock! Im fabulous all in a very french way.  

So you should know I was born on the 20th of February 2007.  Ive been with mum and dad since I was 8 weeks old. I had a big sister Jossy. She looked after me when mum was away at work. Then mum and dad brought Nina home. I thought she was a fun toy for a while but then she started taking my mums attention so I told mum to send her back to where she came from. When mum said no I tried to send her to the next-door neighbors.  They had two big dogs there that would have looked after her like Jossy looked after me.  I don't know why mum got so grumpy at me when I showed Nina the hole in the fence - what?? She wanted to go!  Anyway so Nina stayed after that. But she wasn't allowed to hog mums time or lap.

Then Max came home! I couldn't help it he was a boy so I had to show him who was boss. Dad blames me for causing problems between max and me. Ive been framed it was the bulldog all the way. He barks with an english accent and everyone knows the french and english don't get along! 

Since Max arrived we have had more dogs come to live with us. But mum is still all mine.  Dad may think he's the boss but he's not, I am. He can stay here though and feed me when mum isn't here, for now. Well thats all you need to know for now. Ill be back.

Paw wave

Life according to Regis 

Regis believes he's human. At the very least he believes that he is bigger then the squat little 15 kg french bulldog that he is. In this blog ill tell you about his life. Next week Ill be away for a few days. Regis will go into a hypochondriac like state and will drive dad mad. Ill tell you all about it from the safety of my hotel room. 



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